Commit 3a90b90a authored by David Sveningsson's avatar David Sveningsson
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emacs: flycheck hydra

parent af15e8b4
......@@ -248,15 +248,36 @@ Syntax checking.
(use-package flycheck
:ensure t
:diminish flycheck-mode
:hook (after-init . global-flycheck-mode)
(setq flycheck-keymap-prefix "C-c ! !")
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c !") 'ext/hydra-flycheck/body)
(setq-default flycheck-disabled-checkers '(javascript-standard)))
(setq-default flycheck-disabled-checkers '(javascript-standard))
(defhydra ext/hydra-flycheck
(:hint nil)
_n_ext _p_rev _c_ompile _v_erify checker
_e_xplain _d_isplay _s_elect _V_erify setup
_j_ump _l_ist ^^ _q_:uit
("n" flycheck-next-error)
("p" flycheck-previous-error)
("j" avy-flycheck-goto-error :exit t)
("l" flycheck-list-errors :exit t)
("e" flycheck-explain-error-at-point)
("d" flycheck-display-error-at-point)
("c" flycheck-compile :exit t)
("?" flycheck-describe-checker :exit t)
("s" flycheck-select-checker :exit t)
("v" flycheck-verify-checker :exit t)
("V" flycheck-verify-setup :exit t)
("q" nil)))
Jump to errors with ~avy~. ~C-c ! g~.
Jump to errors with ~avy~. Not bound to key directly but uses hydra ~C-c ! g~.
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
(use-package avy-flycheck
:ensure t
:hook (global-flycheck-mode . avy-flycheck-setup))
:ensure t)
** hl-todo
Highlight TODO keywords
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